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Shout-Out for Veeresham Merugu and Swapna Rachamalla

Michelle Baniqued is grateful to Veeresham and Swapna for making a huge impact in systems processing time.

IT Client Services' new IT Solutions Station is located just off the elevator lobby on the 5th floor of the Oakland Broadway building.

Get your tech questions answered at the IT Solutions Station in Oakland

Located just off the elevator lobby on the 5th floor of the Broadway building, our new, walk-up IT support counter is open Monday through Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Man talking on phone

UCOP Operations and ITCS Client Satisfaction Survey results

The survey results are in. Find out where UCOP Operations and ITCS are the strongest and where they need to improve.

Shout-Out for the Technology Delivery Services Financial Applications, Infrastructure Services and Security teams

Great teamwork and collaboration across several UCOP teams led to a smooth technology transition, says Pratima Reddy.

Oakland staff relocate wild ducklings

The ducklings that have been on the 5th floor Franklin roof garden are now at a wildlife sanctuary.

UCOP information technology is adapting to meet new needs

IT Client Services led by Shirley Bittlingmeier will move to Information Technology Services to support integrated, end-to-end cybersecurity efforts and help ensure that UCOP can anticipate and respond to cyber threats.