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UCOP Operations and ITCS Client Satisfaction Survey results

From Nov. 15 through Dec. 16, 2022, UCOP Operations and IT Client Services (ITCS) conducted their first annual client satisfaction survey to gather feedback on what’s working well and what needs improvement. The survey covered UCOP Operations and ITCS overall and 38 departments, units or services.

Thank you to all who took the survey and rated the services you use. And a huge shoutout to our survey partners, Tritonlytics, a consulting team within Operational Strategic Initiatives at UC San Diego, who were instrumental in designing and implementing the survey.

Of 1,880 UCOP staff invited to participate, 654 people completed the survey for a 34% response rate, which provides a solid baseline for annual client satisfaction surveys.

Survey results and trends

Overall, 53% of staff were extremely satisfied/very satisfied with UCOP Operations, and 70% were extremely satisfied/very satisfied with ITCS. According to Tritonlytics, these results were in line with those expected for the first year of a client satisfaction survey, which generally show room for improvement.

Breaking the responses down by departments within UCOP Operations, the extremely satisfied/very satisfied scores were as follows:

  • Building and Administrative Services Center (BASC): 62%
  • UCOP Human Resources (HR): 53%
  • Business Resource Center (BRC): 51%
  • Budget and Finance Department (BFD): 48%


Across all areas surveyed, what people liked best was that the colleagues in these departments were helpful and knowledgeable. In some instances, it was also noted that they were responsive or courteous and friendly.

Opportunities for improvement

For ITCS, the top opportunities for improvement are understanding client needs and requirements, moving department(s) in a positive direction to meet client needs and responding to requests in a timely manner.

For UCOP Operations overall, the top opportunities for improvement are understanding client needs and requirements and moving department(s) in a positive direction to meet client needs. Suggestions for improvements included streamlining processes and procedures, improving responsiveness and addressing staffing/workload problems. Specific suggestions by UCOP Operations department included:

Department Top opportunities for improvement
Building and Administrative Service Center (BASC) • Better coordination and communication
• Response times
• Custodial services, facilities maintenance
Budget and Finance Department (BFD) • More user-friendly financial systems
• Streamline processes and procedures
Business Resource Center (BRC) • Reimbursement issues
• Streamline processes and procedures
• Staffing/workload
UCOP Human Resources • Staffing/workload
• Improve staff responsiveness
• Hiring processes

View additional information about the 2022 UCOP Operations and ITCS Client Satisfaction Survey 

What UCOP Operations is doing

Focusing on improvements in specific high-priority service areas, such as:

  • Adopting Lean Six Sigma for our service process improvement methodology to bring rigor and standardization to our improvement projects
  • Streamlining and improving our end-to-end hiring process from job posting through recruitment and compensation to onboarding
  • Simplifying Local UCOP Procurement eliminating steps where allowed by policy, and fully staffing the department
  • Addressing staffing issues throughout UCOP Operations to adjust workloads and improve responsiveness

What ITCS is doing

Identifying short- and long-term actions to address our top improvement opportunities:

  •  Conducting a deeper data analysis on the ServiceNow and call center metrics regarding the average time to close a ticket and aging ticket reports
  •  Defining and communicating service-level expectations for specific incidents and requests
  • Continuing to identify and deploy tools to support fully remote staff, and implement next-generation video solutions in conference rooms to create an enhanced user experience for hybrid meetings
  • Identifying and procuring hardware and software based on client needs

UCOP Operations and ITCS are committed to gathering ongoing feedback. Look for our second client satisfaction survey in Spring 2024. If you have questions, email


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