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Group of women talking on couches at UC Davis Medical center

Build dialogue with colleagues at a 3Practice Circle session

Help us build a UCOP culture where all employees feel comfortable voicing their thoughts, opinions and concerns.

Group of women talking on couches at UC Davis Medical center

Save the date: Employee Engagement Survey town hall with EVP/COO Rachael Nava

Attend our all-staff meeting on Aug. 18 to hear about the survey results, action plans and how you can get involved.

UCOP Oakland building

Meet UCOP Ombudsperson Bodi Regan

OPSA and Local HR will host a special presentation about UCOP’s Ombuds Office on May 25.

Meet TAM: The new UCOP job application tracking system

UCOP’s Classification and Applicant Tracking System (CATS) has been replaced by a new system. Access to open positions is also now available through UCPath.

Join the conversation: Employee Engagement Survey results

Have you been wondering what the 2019 Employee Engagement Survey results are and how to interpret them? Join your colleagues for an informative session about the results – in Franklin, Kaiser or online.

UCPath Staff

Meet Local HR: UCPath Center

The HR representatives based at the UCPath Center provide a suite of relevant, essential and supportive resources to serve local managers and employees, as well as UC locations systemwide.

Meet Local HR: Compensation and Payroll

The HR representatives who lead compensation and payroll help ensure that all employees and managers are paid fairly and on time, as well as providing crucial business insight to UCOP leadership.