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Managers’ Corner: Learn about UCOP’s Compensation Equity Review Program

If you manage people, make sure you’re taking advantage of UCOP’s monthly People Leaders Forums! These interactive sessions are a great opportunity for you to build a network with your peers while developing leadership skills, sharing best practices, swapping strategies for navigating challenges and learning to better support yourself and your team!

Our next session, taking place March 10 from 1 – 2 p.m. (PT) will feature Compensation Manager JJ Lerma. JJ will explain the UCOP Compensation Equity Review process — an annual review completed by JJ and his team.

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UCOP people managers love People Leaders Forums!

Wondering if the People Leaders Forums are worth your time? Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received from previous attendees:

  • I really enjoyed hearing everyone’s fresh ideas and perspectives. It was so helpful to interact with others who’ve experienced the same feelings and challenges as I have. We had time to share how we’ve gotten ourselves through difficult situations. Many ideas were things I’ll try.
  • I found it really useful to have an opportunity to talk through things that are within my power to change versus things that are not.
  • I appreciated that the HR representatives were really honest about their perspectives as they helped us navigate a difficult topic.
  • I have generally associated UCOP with a less outwardly supportive style of management and this session made me feel differently — or at least more supported in my approach.
  • It was great to hear career stories and get advice from long-standing UCOP folks.
  • I really appreciated getting a lot of handouts to use for conversations with my team.
  • Other managers and I had a lot of questions after listening to the presentation and it was really great that the presenters were willing to take the time to talk through them with us.

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