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Senior House Manager Maya Goehring-Harris

10-Second Bio: Maya Goehring-Harris, licensed pyrotechnician

Senior House Manager Maya Goehring-Harris really knows how to light up a stadium! Here's what she loves about working for UC.

UCOP support services move locations in the Franklin-Broadway Campus

While the majority of UCOP staff continue to work from home, a small group of colleagues have relocated to 1100 Broadway and are keeping vital services up and running.

Woman holding cockroach

Help keep UCOP pest-free

BASC has received reports of rodents and insects in UCOP buildings. Please help curb this problem by following these simple guidelines.

Oakland furniture update

Check out the results of the furniture survey, discover the finalist and see what’s next!

Tour the new Oakland building

Almost 100 spots have opened up in building tours for 1100 Broadway. Sign up today and be one of the first to get an inside glimpse.

New Oakland furniture on display beginning June 13

The new Oakland building is coming along quickly, and one of BASC’s many important steps is selecting the new furniture vendor. Check out sample workplaces from the vendors UCOP is choosing between.

Records Management: Time for a purge!

Is your Oakland department ready for the move? Participate in a March purge week to get rid of unnecessary files.