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Here’s what your colleagues are saying about LinkedIn Learning

Did you know? All UCOP staff have access to a no-charge LinkedIn Learning membership, which includes tens of thousands of virtual courses on professional skills, including communication, software, technology and interpersonal skills.

This includes the LinkedIn Learning mobile app, through which you can download courses for offline viewing and listen podcast-style while you’re out walking, running errands or going for a drive.

If you’re wondering whether LinkedIn Learning is worth your time, here’s what some of your colleagues have said.

“[LinkedIn Learning] provides high-quality video instruction on multiple topics without ads. I have viewed class videos for web development, graphic design, photography, and Python programming. They gave me information about specific topics I was interested in. The included practice files were very helpful for the more technical classes.” — Jane Lee

“I like that I can use LinkedIn Learning in my own time at my own pace.” — Amy Chen

“I am 100% certain that access to [LinkedIn Learning] greatly broadens my capacity. When I have access to resources like this, I tend to be braver and bolder in my work. In terms of courses, I’ve enjoyed:

  • SharePoint Essential Training is exceptional, with modular content! I really needed to jump around and it was easy to do so.
  • Mindful Practice by Henna Inam is helpful and I found her soothing.
  • Piano Fundamentals is helping me get back into playing after 30ish years. The lesson is easy to jump into at your skill level. Getting a teacher is intimidating and pricy, so I am grateful for access to something that lets me follow my passions in the safe confines of my home.” — Renea Davis-Leathers

Plus, here are more anonymous UCOP staff testimonials:

  • The great overviews enabled me to hit the ground running with applications that were new to me.
  • These classes are a nice perk for working at UCOP!
  • I like that I can dip in when work is slow, make as much progress as I have time for and then put it aside when I need to get back to work.

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