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UCOP colleagues are helping to create an anti-racist workplace

Since January, when President Drake approved the recommendations outlined in the UCOP Anti-Racism Task Force (ARTF) final report, a dedicated team of UCOP leaders and staff have been laying the groundwork to make UCOP an anti-racist workplace.

This group of colleagues, the ARTF Implementation Team, is working through the report’s recommendations one by one to determine what actions and cultural shifts are needed to bring each change to light. Led by two executive sponsors — Yvette Gullatt, vice president for Graduate and Undergraduate Affairs, vice provost for equity, diversity and inclusion, and chief diversity officer for the UC system, and Cheryl Lloyd, interim vice president, Systemwide Human Resources and associate vice president, chief risk officer — the implementation team includes OP staff at all levels.

Guided by an executive Steering Committee, Core Team and Core Team advisors, ARTF Workstream members ensure that all milestones and deliverables reflect our organization’s core values, follow the ARTF recommendations, and are crafted with consideration for the significant cultural shifts needed within the UCOP community as we transition to an antiracist workplace.

“I am so grateful to all of the workstream members who have volunteered their time and expertise to support this critically important process,” says Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Rachael Nava. “Ensuring that UCOP becomes an antiracist workplace is a priority for UCOP leadership, and a critical step towards building a more inclusive culture at our university. I look forward to sharing more about the progress of this important work with the community over the next several months.”

ARTF Implementation Workstreams

Leadership Cultural Competency Development Workstream
Will integrate equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI)-related practices into UCOP division-level strategic plans and develop leadership competencies to further engage senior leaders into EDI initiatives and to cultivate common strategies to advance core values for a consistent employee experience.

  • Leads: Liz Halimah and Cynthia Davalos
  • Andenet Emiru
  • Kathleen Erwin
  • Rachel Hu
  • Stacey Johnson
  • Marion Kavanaugh-Lynch
  • Pagan Morris
  • Kari Stewart
  • Marisa Strong
  • Tony Yang

Audit and Revise Policies and Procedures Workstream
Will review and revise local processes and procedures through an anti-racism lens to ensure inclusive practices, and to cultivate organizational trust and transparency.

  • Leads: Melanie Carr and Nancy Pluzdrak
  • Mahsa Ashabi
  • Abigail Bates
  • Antonio Campos
  • Lauren Friedman
  • Shanda Hunt
  • Georgette Lewis
  • Mark Romo
  • Dana Santa Cruz

Diverse Talent Development and Acquisition Workstream
Will simplify talent acquisition processes and enhance processes to assist with employee onboarding, promotion, retention and succession planning.

  • Leads: Kelly Howard and Nancy Chen Lane
  • Stephanie Beechem
  • Angela Chuck
  • Geoffrey Gibbs
  • Erin Reynolds
  • Dan Scanell
  • Fanta Summers
  • Sujit Thapa
  • Sapna Thottahil
  • Wendy Welsh
  • Helen Young 

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Integration Workstream
Will execute the Culture, Engagement, Diversity, and Inclusion (CEDI) plan that includes elevating affinity groups, educational opportunities and establishing measurement tools for inclusion and an UCOP equity scorecard.

  • Leads: Tae-Sun Kim and Annie Prozan
  • Ruchi Aggarwal
  • Jennifer Damico-Murphy
  • Chase Fischerhall
  • Douglas Harriman
  • Teresa Jackson
  • Karen Orlando
  • Matt St. Clair
  • Patricia Osorio-O’Dea
  • Kandace Shaw
  • Rachel Wallace
  • Erin Warnock-Smith

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