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STEP for 2021-2022: New GROW framework and required training

We recently completed our first annual cycle of the Staff Talent Evaluation Process (STEP) and overall it went very smoothly. STEP is an iterative process and each time we complete a yearly performance cycle, we will continue to learn and become more proficient.

New GROW coaching framework

This year, we will focus on enhancing the quality of and comfort with conversations between managers and employees during checkpoints. To deepen these conversations and make them more meaningful, we are introducing the GROW coaching framework to provide a structure for feedback and coaching conversations.

The GROW coaching framework will help you initiate and fully participate in dialog, feedback and coaching with your manager throughout the year to enhance performance. It will also provide coaching and feedback strategies for managers and supervisors to help them support their staff.

Required and optional training

Since we’re introducing a new coaching framework, there will be one required course for all employees (due Aug. 31) and one additional required course for managers and supervisors (due in the fall). New employees will also be required to take the Year 1 STEP courses that existing employees took last year. If a course is required for you, you will be automatically enrolled and the course will appear under your Required Training in the UC Learning Center. You’ll receive a notification email once the course is ready for enrollment. We’ll also continue to offer optional training and support.

All completion times listed below are estimated. E = eCourse; LV = Live Virtual.

Required training: All employees
GROWing your Checkpoints for all Employees (E, 20 min) — available starting July 27; due Aug. 31

Required training: New employees (hired after Jan. 2021)
Year 1 modules for New Employees and Managers (E, 2 – 3 hrs.) — throughout the year

Required training: Managers and supervisors
GROWing your Checkpoints for Managers (LV, 2 hrs.) – available in the fall

Optional Training and Support – All Employees

For additional resources, visit the STEP website.

Questions? Talk with your manager or contact your HR Business Partner.

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