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Second STEP Check-in conversation due this Friday

We are more than halfway through the FY2021-22 performance cycle! Your second Check-in conversation with your manager must take place by Dec. 3. As a reminder, Check-in conversations give you and your manager an opportunity to discuss the status of your goals and competencies, give and receive feedback, address concerns and discuss any needed support.

Here’s what you need to know to manage your career and meet the Dec. 3 deadline. (New to UCOP? Start at “For New Employees,” below.)

All employees

First: If you haven’t done so already, take the required GROW training

This year, we introduced the GROW coaching framework to help employees and managers have deeper, more meaningful and more comfortable performance appraisal conversations through structured feedback and coaching. Everyone should have already taken the on-demand e-course, GROWing Your Checkpoints for all Employees, which takes about 17 minutes. You can check whether you’ve completed it by looking under Required Training in the UC Learning Center. You can also access the course directly here.

Next: Review your goals and competencies in ePerformance

One of the great things about STEP is having an opportunity to refresh goals and competencies throughout the year. Before your Check-in conversation, make any needed updates and prepare to discuss them with your manager.

Then: Answer the four STEP discussion questions

In ePerformance, answer the four discussion questions on the Feedback tab. Be prepared to discuss your answers during your Check-in.

Finally: Have your Check-in conversation with your manager

People managers

1.  Make sure the Define Criteria stage and first Check-in conversation are complete for all employees.

If you have not completed and approved the Define Criteria stage or the first Check-in for an employee, they won’t be able to complete the second. For help, contact your manager, HR business partner or

2.  Take the GROW training.

  • If you haven’t already, complete the GROWing Your Checkpoints for all Employees course (see above).
  • In February through mid-March, all managers will participate in the GROWing your Check-in Conversations. This two-hour virtual live training will provide you with an opportunity to learn and share best practices with other managers, and to practice giving and receiving feedback using the GROW tool. Look out for registration later this month. (Please note that you must complete the required GROW training noted above in order to register.)

3.  By Dec. 3, complete the second Check-in conversation with all your employees, and complete your Check-in conversation with your manager.

New employees

We started training on the STEP performance management system last year, so you just need to catch up on what you’ve missed. A consolidated webinar with all Year 1 modules is available for Managers and Employees. The employee module takes about 2–3 hours throughout the year.

Optional training and support

Need help? We’re here for you. Please check out the following optional resources for additional support. (All events are listed in Pacific Time.)

  • STEP Fundamentals: A self-paced, streamlined version of all individual STEP modules from the 20-21 performance year for managers and employees. Each module has been updated based on your feedback. Use the course table of contents to navigate to the modules you need.
  • LinkedIn Learning Collection: Helpful on-demand videos provide more insight into the performance appraisal process for managers and employees.
  • ePerformance demonstration videos: Get a step-by-step walkthrough of Check-ins for Managers (4 minutes) or Check-ins for Employees (3 minutes).
  • STEP website: A one-stop-shop for STEP

Questions? Contact your manager, HR Business Partner or

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