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Managers’ Corner: New required STEP training to strengthen your feedback and coaching skills

As a people manager, sharing and receiving feedback with employees is one of your most important roles. It can also be a difficult one, especially as many of us are navigating remote and hybrid work for the first time.

A new required STEP training, GROWing Your Check-in Conversations, is here to help. This two-hour live workshop will provide you with an opportunity to learn and share best practices for STEP Check-in Conversations. Learn to use the GROW framework to structure your conversations in a way that allows employees to develop and grow, and have an opportunity to practice giving and receiving feedback using the GROW tool.

Trainings will take place Feb. 1 – March 15. Register online here. You can also find this course under “required training” in the UC Learning Center.

More information about GROWing Your Check-in Conversations

Who is required to take this training?

All people managers and supervisors.

Why was this training developed?

This training is part of the STEP three-year training plan developed by the Performance Appraisal Redesign workgroup to better support managers and employees in having meaningful performance and career development conversations.

Will this training benefit me?

Yes! To ensure that the training is relevant and useful, UCOP HR has completed three pilot groups. All provided strong positive feedback.

Are there any prerequisites?

Yes — in order to register, you must first complete the required GROWing Your Checkpoints for all Employees e-course (17 min).

What other resources are available to assist me with the performance-appraisal process?

  • STEP website: A one-stop-shop for STEP
  • STEP Fundamentals: A self-paced, streamlined version of all individual STEP modules from the 2020-21 performance year for managers and employees. Each module has been updated based on your feedback. Use the course table of contents to navigate to the modules you need.
  • LinkedIn Learning Collection: Helpful on-demand videos provide more insight into the performance appraisal process for managers and employees.
  • ePerformance demonstration videos: Get a step-by-step walkthrough of Check-ins for Managers (4 minutes) or Check-ins for Employees (3 minutes).

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