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Shout-Out for Regana Staccato-Johnson, Jenny Zhang and Lily Dimitrova

Administrative Assistant III Regana Staccato-Johnson and Telecommunications Analyst Lily Dimitrova

Shirley Bittlingmeier, executive director of IT Client Services has shared the following Shout-Out to recognize her colleagues:

“In celebration of Women’s History Month, I want to send a big Shout Out to my IT Client Services team members Regana Staccato-Johnson, Jenny Zhang and Lily Dimitrova! Regana provisions UCOP mobile phone requests and provides outstanding support to all her clients. Jenny has been providing technical support at the Service Desk for more than 30 years, quickly resolving issues to ensure clients have minimal downtime. Lily joined the Telecom Services group in 2020 and quickly got up to speed on all things Zoom to provide training and support, while managing her other responsibilities. You are all amazing!”

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  1. Robert Baum March 15, 2022 Reply

    Having worked with Regana, Jenny and Lily, I agree they are amazing and join my voice to this Shout Out!

  2. Randy Kemish March 15, 2022 Reply

    All the women of ITCS; Regana, Jenny, Lily and Shirley, are superstars!

  3. Trish Dolan March 15, 2022 Reply

    HUGE SHOUT OUT!! Thank you to all of you for your excellent work and dedication.

  4. Marisa Strong March 15, 2022 Reply

    PROPS! I have had the privilege of getting to work with Lily and she gets. things. done! Appreciate all that you do with a fresh and bright attitude!

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