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Oakland staff: Why your assigned set-up day matters and when you can return to on-site work

The set-up days for our Oakland Franklin-Broadway campus are underway and many of our colleagues have already received their new badges, set up their new workspaces, connected to technology and printers, sorted through boxes and acclimated themselves to their new surroundings — all with the help of colleagues from IT, Building and Administrative Services (BASC) and Department Move Coordinators, who are scheduled during those days and times to do just that.

Please come to the office on your assigned set-up day

Showing up on your scheduled set-up day is essential. This:

  • Helps UCOP manage building capacity in alignment with COVID-19 protocols for parking, the lobby (obtaining badges, etc.) and elevators.
  • Ensures BASC and IT resources are available to assist you in setting up your workspaces, moving boxes, answering questions, etc.
  • Respects and considers workloads for BASC, IT and other colleagues who have been scheduled to assist with step-up days, including those who must cover operational duties for set-up day staff.

What happens if you skip your set-up day or come in unscheduled

  • If you miss your set-up day, it must be rescheduled.
    — Contact your Department Move Coordinator as soon as possible to discuss rescheduling options so that you can meet the leadership and/or departmental deadlines for the slow build to your new work arrangement.
    — BASC will work to schedule a new set-up day between now and mid to late April, based on their availability and after others who have already been scheduled.
  • Do not come in on an unscheduled day.
    — BASC resources are limited and we may not be available to help you. An iRequest ticket is required for support if you come to set up on a day other than the day you are scheduled.
    — IT resources scheduled to assist on scheduled set-up days may not be available to support you. A ServiceNow ticket is required for unscheduled IT needs; turnaround time is dependent on staff availability, as they must prioritize scheduled move-ins.

When you can start working in your new workspace

  • If you have an assigned workspace (because you are working 3+ days on-site), you can start working in your workspace as soon as you have your new badge and your set-up day is complete. No advance notification is needed and you can use your new badge to access both buildings.
  • If you will be using hoteling spaces (because you are working 2 or fewer days on-site), the EMS system will be available to reserve hoteling spaces beginning April 4. Information and instructions for the EMS system will be provided in next week’s Link. If you need a hoteling space before then, you can use any available hoteling space.

Questions? If you have questions about your set-up day or other aspects of the move-in process, contact your Department Move Coordinator.

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