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OPSA welcomes new Steering Committee Members

Dana Adams, benefits associate at the UCPath Center, is one of the newly elected OPSA Steering Committee members.

The results are in: UCOP has chosen our elected representatives on the OP Staff Assembly Steering Committee. These staff leaders will promote the interest and welfare of all career employees by organizing events and forums where all staff can discuss issues of mutual concern and offer opinions and recommendations on policies, processes and programs.

Congratulations to the newly elected OPSA Steering Committee members

  • Dana Adams, Benefits Associate, UCPath Center
  • Shirley Bittlingmeier, Executive Director, IT Client Services, UCOP Oakland
  • Gail Meloan, Production Liaison, UCPath Center
  • Danielle Salas, Benefits Supervisor, UCPath Center
  • Mahjabeen Yucekul,  Senior Software Developer, California Digital Library (CDL), Oakland

Continuing OPSA Steering Committee Members

  • Trish Dolan, Regents Coordinator, UCOP Oakland*
  • Nicola Gruen, Development Analyst, UCOP Oakland*
  • Lael Hutchinson, Benefits Associate, UCPath Center
  • Teresa Jackson, Executive Assistant, UCOP Oakland*
  • Karen Orlando, Administrative Officer, UCOP Oakland
  • Lisa Smith, Payroll Supervisor, UCPath Center*
  • Erica White (née Stevenson), Benefits Associate, UCPath Center*
  • Tony Yang, Project Policy Analyst, UC Health*

* The members whose names are denoted with an asterisk had terms that were expiring this year; they have been reelected to new two-year terms. Members without an asterisk are in the middle of their terms and will be eligible for reelection next year.

Message from the Steering Committee

Congratulations new OPSA steering committee members! Thank you for offering your support and joining us on our mission to promote the interest and welfare of all UCOP staff employees.

The OPSA steering committee wishes you all a warm welcome. We are looking forward to doing impactful things together throughout fiscal year 2022 that will make a difference and foster a strong community.

The OP Staff Assembly supports UC’s mission by encouraging communication between staff and the administration and other members of the university community on matters of interest to staff employees, in accordance with California laws and Regental policy. Our activities provide forums where staff at all levels can discuss issues of mutual concern, and offer opinions and recommendations on policies, processes and programs.

OPSA Steering Committee, 2022-2023

For more information about OPSA, visit the OP Staff Assembly website.

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