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Celebrate National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

If you’re wondering whether cyber security matters for higher ed institutions like UC, the answer is a resounding yes! Consider these statistics:

  • 64% of higher education institutions were hit by ransomware over the past year
  • 40% required over a month to recover from the attacks
  • $3.86 million was the average cost of an education breach
  • $164 was the average cost per record breached
  • 277 days was the average time to identify and contain a data breach

Because of this, UCOP Information Technology Services encourages all UCOP staff to get involved with Cybersecurity Awareness Month, October 2022, by registering to attend one of many Cybersecurity Awareness Month events taking place across the system through Oct. 28. Upcoming sessions will focus on There are sessions covering topics including social media security, 2022 cybersecurity trends, Zoom security and more.

Visit the UCOP Cyber Security Awareness Month page to learn three easy ways to be “cyber safe” and read an interview with UCOP Security Analyst Carlos Flanders.

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