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Congratulations to the newest UCOP Accessibility Champion Award recipients

The UCOP IT Accessibility Work Group is charged with advocating for accessibility, implementing web accessibility standards and providing accessibility education and training to UCOP staff. Accessibility Champions are UCOP employees nominated by the work group or any UCOP colleague for their demonstrated commitment to ensuring that UCOP websites and digital content are accessible to people with disabilities.

Congratulations to the following employees:

Sapna Thottathil was associate director of sustainability at UCOP before moving to her current role as managing director of the UCSF Center for Climate, Health and Equity. At UCOP, Sapna carefully planned the timeline for redesigning the sustainability website, giving the design firm adequate time for accessibility review and remediation before launch. Sapna was also instrumental in facilitating collaboration between the UCOP web accessibility team and design firm, making sure that the firm adhered to their web accessibility commitment.  Thank you, Sapna, for your attention to ensuring the accessibility of your content for people with disabilities.

Wendy Pulling and Milkah Cunningham of UC Investments have been striving to ensure the accessibility of their reports before publishing. Working with their vendor, they have added alternate image-description text for people with vision impairments and increased contrast between foreground and background colors to improve readability for people with low vision. Thank you, UC Investments, for your care in working with vendors on accessibility.

UCOP Chief Information Officer Molly Greek has been a major advocate for web accessibility to support UC’s priority of embracing diversity. Over the fiscal year, Molly has worked in partnership with UCPath leadership to complete a full web accessibility review of UCPath online. This has resulted in many improvements, and many more web accessibility priorities are now included on the UCPath roadmap, along with other high-priority technology enhancements. Thank you, Molly, for making sure that UCPath online content and documents are more usable and accessible to all UC employees.

UCOP Accessibility Champions email signature

UCOP Accessibility Champions can be identified by the following email signature badge:

Accessibility Champion, University of California

To nominate a colleague who promotes web accessibility, email Judy Thai with their name and a brief explanation of why they are an accessibility champion.


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