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7 tips for planning your April 3 return to UCOP offices

As UCOP leadership explained in the Feb. 21 Future of Work Town Hall, all UCOP staff who have hybrid work schedules (on-site some days, remote others) are expected to return to the office on their assigned days beginning the week of April 3. We know this will be a big change for some colleagues, particularly those of us who began working at UCOP during the pandemic. If you’re among those returning to the office — or coming in for the first time — here are some tips to help you prepare. 

1. Nail down your schedule

If it’s been awhile since you’ve discussed your hybrid work schedule with your manager and you have questions about when to come in and how to include anchor days, schedule a quick chat with your manager so you can begin to make plans. 

2. Get help arranging care for your loved ones

If you’ll be needing additional at-home support, we have good news: UCOP employees have access to Bright Horizons — a service that provides preferred enrollment, special discounts and access to care professionals for young children, children and adults who need in-home companions, seniors and even pets. Learn more about Bright Horizons’ family care programs. 

3. Sign up for on-site parking

If you’re traveling to work by car, motorcycle, scooter or bicycle, chances are that you’ll need on-site parking. Find out how to sign up at each location here.

Oakland employees: Select the UCOP Parking Policy & Procedures (PDF) link for the Oakland Franklin-Broadway campus enrollment form and Parking Participant Contract. Please note the following deadlines for enrolling in or modifying parking arrangements:

  • April parking: March 19 for monthly payroll; April 1 for bi-weekly payroll
  • May parking: April 17 for monthly payroll; April 28 for bi-weekly payroll

4. Plan your commute

Have you moved since the last time you’ve come to UCOP or will you be coming to a new workplace? Visit one of the websites below for information. You can also take advantage of pre-tax benefits for transportation and non-UCOP-managed parking expenses through the Commuter Check program.

5. Review the COVID-19 protocols

In order to protect our colleagues who are immunocompromised or who care for someone who is, UCOP’s COVID-19 protocols are still in effect. This means you’ll need to take the UCOP Screen or UCDC Screen survey daily to be admitted to any UCOP building. Everyone must regularly test for COVID-19. (How often you’ll test depends on your vaccination status and whether your on-site workdays are consecutive.) Learn more about COVID-19 testing.

6. Try a few test runs

If it’s been a few months since you’ve come in to the office, consider coming once a week or at least a few times in March to give yourself time to adjust to any changes in your commute (i.e., traffic, bus schedules) and make sure you have the equipment, supplies and ergonomic support you need for your on-site workspace.

7. In Oakland: Save a spot

The collaboration that takes place during in-person meetings is one of the best parts of us returning to the office together! To schedule space in Oakland, you’ll need to know our room-reservation system. Here’s everything you need to know about EMS — including reserving conference rooms, hoteling spaces, focus rooms and more. For more information about our updated workspace, check out the UCOP Franklin-Broadway Campus Welcome Guide (PDF).

For questions regarding UCOP’s return to work process, contact

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