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Oakland staff: April garage-parking deadlines start this week

As we prepare for April 3 and the start of anchor days, many of us are considering commute and parking options. If you’ll be driving to the office and you want to park in a UCOP parking garage for the first time or adjust your current parking elections, you need to enroll in the Oakland parking program or adjust your current elections by the following deadlines:

  • April parking: March 19 for monthly payroll; April 1 for bi-weekly payroll
  • May parking: April 17 for monthly payroll; April 28 for bi-weekly payroll

Below are answers to commonly asked questions about the Oakland parking program, and instructions for how to enroll or change your parking election.

How do I enroll in the Oakland parking program?

Cars, motorcycles and electric vehicles

Bicycles and scooters

  • If you would like to park a bicycle or scooter in the Franklin garage, enroll with the Work Management Center by using the bicycle/scooter enrollment form.
  • Bicycle parking is also available in the Broadway building, but it is not managed by UCOP. Please complete the Broadway Bicycle Storage registration form and email it to Sierra Finn at River Rock Properties. (She is also the contact for questions regarding Broadway bike parking.)

I’m already enrolled in the Oakland parking program, but I’d like to change my elections. How do I make the change?

Follow the instructions above to re-submit your application for a new parking election by the deadline. You will need to update both the Enrollment Form and Parking Participant Contract.

I may want to drive in periodically. Can I park in the Franklin garage?

No. Employees must be enrolled in the parking program to park in UCOP parking garages. Drop-in daily parking is not permitted.

What are the parking rates for Oakland?

The parking rates for UCOP-managed garages for the Franklin-Broadway campus include both daily and monthly parking options.

Franklin Garage Options Cost
Monthly (automobile) $140
Monthly (motorcycle) $70
Daily (automobile) $15
Daily (motorcycle) $15
Electric vehicle 110-volt and 120-volt charge No added charge
Electric vehicle 240-volt charge Pay per use at the kiosk
Bicycle/scooter No charge

How do I pay for parking once I’m enrolled?

You will pay for monthly or daily parking through payroll deductions. For your security, the parking program does not accept payment by check or personal credit card. You can also take advantage of the pre-tax Commuter Benefits Program if eligible. Once the enrollment process is complete, your information will be processed for deduction on either a biweekly (non-exempt employees) or a monthly (exempt employees) payroll cycle. More information about this process can be found on the Parking Enrollment and Information webpage.

Which parking option should I choose?

Please consider the following as you decide whether the monthly or daily parking option works best for you.

Daily parking – with reserve days

  • Enroll in daily parking for the known days you will work on-site, plus an extra day
  • Any unused days will roll over to the following month. You will have until the end of the calendar year to use unused parking days.
  • It is necessary to actively manage your account each month when choosing daily parking. Parking cards will be deactivated if you consistently park more than your pre-selected days each month.

Monthly parking

  • Enroll in monthly parking if you plan to work at least two days on-site each week and you anticipate working one to two unplanned days on-site each month
  • While there is an added $20 monthly cost, this option allows you to park an unlimited amount of days during the work week without the need to manage your parking balance on a monthly basis.

If you have questions, please visit the Parking Enrollment and Information webpage or read the Franklin-Broadway Campus Parking FAQ. You can also contact the Work Management Center at


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  1. Mary-Ellen Kreher March 14, 2023 Reply

    Where can we see our current contract so as to know if we need to change what we submitted last summer?

    • Link editor March 14, 2023 Reply

      Hi Mary-Ellen — You can contact the Work Management Center ( to inquire about your current elections.

  2. Sonia March 16, 2023 Reply

    Hi. The article says says if you have daily parking “it is necessary to actively manage your account each month” but doesn’t say how to do it. I checked the Parking website and FAQs but couldn’t find information there either. I’d like to check my daily parking balance to see if I have any unused days. Is there a website I can log in to? Thx.

    • Link editor March 16, 2023 Reply

      Hi Sonia — Unfortunately the WMC doesn’t have a website like this. You can email them at ( to request your current balance, but then you’ll need to track your use manually.

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