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Oakland staff: Hoteling and meeting room reservation best practices

As more staff routinely return to the office, reserving hoteling workstations and meeting space in advance is not only beneficial, but strongly encouraged. These spaces must be secured through UCOP’s Event Management System (EMS). Reservations ensure space is held for your use at the time requested and cannot be booked by someone else.

If you have not already, follow these steps to get started:

  1. Review the instructions on
    If you are a contractor who does not have an employee ID, follow the instructions in the Contractor Set-up Instructions quick guide (Box log-in required).
  2. Windows users: Download the EMS for Outlook Plug-in.
  3. Windows or Mac users: Log in to the EMS Web App.

Reserving hoteling workstations

  • Use the Hoteling Workspace template in EMS.
  • Secure a reservation up to 30 days in advance, but for no more than 10 days within the period.
  • Reserve the same type of workspace you normally would be assigned (workstation or office).
  • Cancel reservation(s) if your schedule changes, so the space is available for colleagues who need it.
  • Leave all equipment in the hoteling workspace at the end of the day.
  • Remove personal items from the workstation daily — even if the same space is being used the next day.
  • Contact the IT Service Desk if a workspace is missing IT equipment.
  • Contact the Work Management Center if the workspace is missing furniture.
  • Note: If you book a space on behalf of someone for a specific date, you cannot reserve a space for yourself on the same date.

Reserving small/medium/large meeting rooms

  • Use the Reserve a meeting room (small/medium/large) template in EMS.
  • Secure a reservation up to one year out.
  • Schedule reoccurring meetings, as needed.
  • Cancel reservation(s) if your schedule changes.
  • Clean up the meeting room prior to leaving the room (erase display boards, catering supplies, tables, chairs, etc.).
  • Contact the IT Service Desk if the room is missing IT equipment or it is not working properly.
  • Contact the Work Management Center if the room is missing furniture.

Reserving XL conference rooms (Lobby 1, Conference Center)

  • Use the Reserve an XL Conference Room template in EMS.
  • Request space up to one year in advance for groups of 20 attendees or more.
  • Do not invite attendees to the meeting until you receive a confirmation email from the Work Management Center (within two business days).


FAQs, videos, floorplans and quick start guides are available at

Questions? For technical issues, submit an IT ServiceNow ticket. For reservation or policy questions, email


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