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LaSA to host event with UC Alianzia MX

Andrea Galván Vélez, Julianna Hernandez and Julio Sosa of UC Alianza MX

On Thursday, Nov. 29, the UCOP Latinx Staff Association (LaSA) will welcome the leaders of UC Alianza MX for a Charla de la Tarde (afternoon chat). They will share an overview of how Alianza MX works to further connections between the University of California, the United States and Mexico.

Alianza MX’s aims include:
  • Supporting UC’s role as Mexico’s primary institutional research and scientific partner
  • Mobilizing talent and funding for US-Mexico research teams, who explore new ideas and create new knowledge across diverse areas — from STEM to social science, the arts and humanities
  • Contributing to UC’s efforts to train a future generation of researchers who understand the reality on both sides of the border
  • Creating binational, action-research programs that provide innovative solutions to complex challenges facing the United States and Mexico around issues relating to the environment, health safety, migration, transportation and infrastructure
  • Promoting an innovation and entrepreneurship agenda for economic and social prosperity
  • Fostering a binational workforce, through two-way US-Mexico student and professor mobility programs
  • Engaging with stakeholders on both sides of the border to build resilient and informed public policies, advancing the US-Mexico cooperation agenda

Featured speakers

  • Andrea Galván Vélez, Associate Director, Academic Exchange, Continuing Education
  • Julianna Hernandez, Associate Director, Operations
  • Julio Sosa, Academic and Research Programs Officer

Join us

Download an event flyer (PDF). For questions about this event, contact: Apri Medina.

The headquarters of UC Alianza MX, La Casa de la Universidad de California, in Mexico City

The headquarters of UC Alianza MX, La Casa de la Universidad de California, in Mexico City


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