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New UC Investments Security Program provides enhanced financial data security

As cyber criminals have become more sophisticated, so has the battle to stop them. That explains why UC Investments, which manages the University of California’s investments ($152 billion in Fiscal Year 2023), and Technology Delivery Services (TDS) at UCOP, responsible for providing systemwide tech support, have partnered to create a customized cybersecurity program. The UC Investments Security Program, the first-of-its kind at the university, aims to address the specific needs of a multi-billion-dollar financial institution within a university setting.

The collaboration began in 2021, driven by the surge in cybercrime during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recognizing the security challenges inherent in moving around billions of dollars online, UC Investments worked with TDS to fortify its cybersecurity measures, including implementing modern security controls, strengthening contractual protections with suppliers and enhancing cybersecurity training for the UC Investments team.

“Although UC Investments is a part of the university and the higher education system, its security needs are more specific to the financial services industry,” says UCOP Chief Information Security Officer April Sather. “Data security is critical to UC Investments’ reputation.”

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