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Oakland employees: UCOP daily parking enrollment options

UCOP Operations provides quality services to support employees, including through our parking program. Our Oakland garage offers flexible options to meet all employee needs — from on-site staff who need daily parking and those who enjoy the flexibility of occasional parking, to hybrid and remote staff who intermittently commute to UCOP.

How does the daily parking program work?

Like our monthly parking program, daily parking requires pre-enrollment through the UCOP Parking Enrollment form (with the embedded required parking contract). Parking fees ($15/day) will then be automatically deducted from your weekly or monthly paycheck, per your instructions.

We recommend that you:

  • Estimate how many days you will need to park on-site each month.
  • Enroll in this number of days through the form above.
  • Track how many days you have used and those that remain, keeping in mind that unused balances automatically roll over to the following month.

If you find that you are regularly rolling over unused days and that you have sufficient days “banked,” pause your deductions but keep your enrollment status active. You can then easily restart deductions when you need to.

Parking fees are non-refundable and do not roll over annually. We are unable to offer refunds for unused, purchased parking. Any unused parking fees reset (zero out) at the end of the calendar year (Dec. 31). If you lose track of your balance, contact the Work Management Center (WMC) for assistance.

How can I sign up for parking?

Complete the UCOP Parking Enrollment form (with the embedded required parking contract). The WMC will process your request within three business days. Once enrollment is confirmed, the WMC will provide your parking start date and instructions for picking up your pass.

Is daily or monthly parking better for me?

If you park on-site fewer than 10 days per month, daily parking is more cost-effective:

  • Nine daily parking days per month = $135 (9 days x $15/day)
  • 10 daily parking days per month = $150 (10 days x $15/day)
  • Monthly parking = $140

Are there any recommended strategies for setting up and managing parking enrollment?

Enroll according to your anticipated needs, e.g.:

  • Hybrid workers who plan to park about four times per month should enroll in four days per month ($60/month).
  • Remote employees who work from Oakland eight times annually should enroll in two days per month ($30/month).
  • Remote workers who work from Oakland monthly (12 times per year) should enroll in one day per month ($15).

To avoid paying for unused parking:

  • Track the days you park.
  • Set a calendar reminder to review your account four months after your enrollment date. Check your balances and update your deductions if needed. (This is especially important if your anticipated schedule changes.)
  • If you park more or less frequently than anticipated, contact the WMC to request an update in your deductions. Note that:
    • In order to be reflected on your upcoming paycheck, the WMC must receive your request two weeks prior to your payday, e.g.:
      – If you’re paid monthly: Contact the WMC by March 18 for an update in your April 1 paycheck
      – If you’re paid bi-weekly: Contact the WMC by March 27 for an update in your April 10 paycheck
    • If you pause your account, specify when you would like deductions to resume.
  • Use all parking funds by Dec. 31, 2024. Parking is non-refundable; days do not roll over to the next calendar year.

My situation changed. Should I pause or cancel my parking agreement?

  • Place your account on pause to temporarily stop deductions and accrual while remaining in the parking program. This is the best option if you have accrued enough parking for the next few months but will need to park in the future. To pause your account, contact the WMC at least two weeks before the upcoming pay period.
  • Cancel your agreement if you don’t need parking access anymore (e.g., if your commute no longer requires driving or if you sell your car and won’t purchase another). To cancel your agreement, contact the WMC at least two weeks before the parking end date. The WMC will process your request and send an email confirmation that includes your last date of access and final payroll deductions.

What security features are offered in the Franklin garage?

Franklin garage access is managed through automated gates that only open with appropriate credentials or by contacting UCOP Security. The garage is equipped with security cameras and regularly patrolled by security personnel.

Can I pay with a credit card or cash when I arrive at the garage?

No — unfortunately, UCOP garages do not have the functionality to support on-demand payments. Requiring advance payment and providing passes also allows us to monitor who has access to our garage.

For additional information about the UCOP Parking Program, visit the Parking Enrollment & Information page or contact the WMC.

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