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Introducing the UCOP FlexWork program

The following message was sent to all UCOP staff on Thursday, June 13, 2024.

Dear UCOP colleagues,

We hope this message finds you well. We’re writing today to provide you an update on the Future of Work program.

Since 2022, the Future of Work program allowed us to experiment with different ways of working and connecting, moving away from over 150 years of primarily on-site work. In those two years, we assessed the program through feedback, analysis, and recommendations from the division-wide FOW Staff Working Group and are now ready to turn the page to a new chapter in our work culture.

As such, we are pleased to introduce the FlexWork program, which builds on our successes and reflects our commitment to fostering a work environment that balances organizational needs and flexibility. Our journey through the pandemic has taught us the importance of flexibility, but also the irreplaceable value of in-person interactions. With the transition to the FlexWork program, we aim to integrate these lessons, creating a sustainable model that fosters both flexibility and connection.

The FlexWork program offers additional flexibility during specific times of the year, increases commitment to building community and connection, and focuses on greater accountability and transparency for on-site work schedules for hybrid and remote workers. We will also make some exciting improvements to our physical and virtual workspaces that reflect our dynamic UC culture. We will focus on getting the most out of on-site work and in-person connection while continuing to have a mix of on-site, hybrid and remote staff.

The following provides a high-level overview of what is staying the same, what is changing, and what you can expect in the weeks and months ahead. Over the summer, the FlexWork team will work to implement the program changes and share more detailed information.

What remains the same

  • Anchor days: Tuesdays and Wednesdays, along with approved cohort days for RASC, UCPath, and ITCS remain unchanged.
  • Work arrangements: We will continue to offer on-site, hybrid, and remote work arrangements based on organizational, team and role needs.
  • On-call, on-site: Leaders may require remote workers to be on-site for important meetings, team-building, and other activities that benefit from in-person work.

What is changing

  • Holiday flex-weeks*: Three designated weeks per year where on-site work will be optional, subject to core on-site operational needs (Memorial Day week, Thanksgiving week and the first full week of January. For 2024 only, the first Holiday Flex-Week will be the week of June 17 in lieu of Memorial Day week*.)
  • Floating flex-week: One week per year, staff can choose to work anywhere, subject to job duties, core on-site operational needs, and supervisor approval of timing (August 2024 implementation).
  • Clear norms and expectations: Establish clear norms and expectations for working as a hybrid organization e.g., in-person meeting, hybrid meeting, and camera on expectations, meeting time scheduling guidelines, etc. (October 2024 implementation).
  • Hybrid 2 workstations: Hybrid 2 staff will now have the option for an assigned workstation. Office-eligible hybrid 2 staff will continue hoteling for private office use or may request an assigned workstation (September 2024 implementation).
  • Recruitment strategy: Clearly set on-site expectations for all positions and recruit all approved remote positions as “remote with ability to be on-site as required” (June 2024 implementation for new recruitments).
  • Reconnect days: Full-house days where all staff are on-site regardless of work arrangement (2025 start TBD).

* Given the mid-year announcement of Holiday Flex-Weeks the week of June 17 will be the first 2024 Holiday Flex-Week in lieu of Memorial Day week and on-site work will be optional. We understand some teams, like UCPath and RASC, may have operational challenges with this timing given the short notice. In those cases, the department head may plan an alternate summer Holiday Flex-Week with approval from their division leader.

What else to expect

  • Increased accountability for on-site work: Greater accountability for on-site work for all work arrangements, with an expectation that all hybrid staff adhere to their full hybrid 2 and 3 schedules and that remote workers meet “on-call, on-site” requirements (September 2024 implementation).
  • Validation of work arrangements: Validate and true-up current approved work arrangements (September 2024 implementation).
  • Oakland building enhancements: Space realignments where needed and improvements to conference rooms, reflection rooms, focus rooms, and community spaces (2024 – 2025 ongoing).
  • Zoom room project: Implementation of enhanced Zoom Room technology in designated large and medium conference rooms across all locations (2024 – 2025 ongoing).
  • Community and connection: Increased focus on community and connection through initiatives like the development of a Staff Community & Connection Committee and Reconnect days (Fall 2024 – early 2025 implementation).

The FlexWork team will share updates over the coming weeks and months including an information session in mid-summer to go over all the program elements and answer questions. In the meantime, visit our UCOP FlexWork Program FAQ and flyer for more details.

We believe the opportunities created by the FlexWork program will help us continue to build a thriving, connected and resilient UCOP community.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to our shared success.

Jagdeep Singh Bachher
Chief Investment Officer and Vice President, UC Investments

Nathan Brostrom
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, UC Finance

Alex Bustamante
Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance and Audit Officer, Ethics, Compliance and Audit Services

Glenda Humiston
Vice President, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources

Jenny Kao
Vice President and Chief of Staff to the President, UCOP

Rachael Nava
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, UC Operations

Katherine Newman
Executive Vice President and Provost, Academic Affairs

Charles Robinson
General Counsel and Senior Vice President, UC Legal

David Rubin
Executive Vice President, UC Health

Meredith Turner
Interim Senior Vice President, External Relations and Communications

June Yu
Interim Vice President, UC National Laboratories

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