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Web accessibility: A win for us all

Web accessibility standards don’t only aid those of us with disabilities — they help content creators make informed decisions that make online experiences better for us all.

woman holding papers

UCOP Sustainability Green Tip of the Week: Save paper

If you’re a note-taker or handout-maker, think digital to reduce waste.

UCOP Sustainability Green Tip of the Week: Stay cool

Help stay cool and keep utility bills low with this helpful advice.

Going online? Be accessible.

Thursday, May 21 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Celebrate by making your work more inclusive and accessible to all.

UCOP Sustainability: Green Tip of the Week

Did you know? Electronic devices that are plugged in consume power even when they’re off.

Science break: The scoop on barley in beer

UC ANR scientists have been studying whether malting barley can be grown well in California — and what that might mean for the local beer-brewing industry. Watch a video to learn more.

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Digital records management for remote workers

Even though you’re working at home, you are still creating UC records. Now is the perfect opportunity to hone those digital records management skills.