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New course: Learn to manage change and transitions

Expand your capability to successfully navigate through personal and professional changes while utilizing a proven change-management framework.

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Register today for June courses and workshops

Boost your professional skillset with upcoming live virtual workshops.

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New course: Tools for Adapting to Change

In this interactive workshop, you'll learn techniques to stay calm, clear-minded and adaptive, even when situations quickly change.

Change management: An in-demand skill for every career

Change management isn’t a nice-to-have skill: It’s a must-have. Learn to navigate and lead others through organizational change, including practical advice and real-world strategic actions, in this comprehensive daylong workshop.

Boost your change-management skills

Change can be uncomfortable — and even scary. The best way to deal with it is by learning how to manage it effectively. Find out how in this upcoming workshop.

Discover how to manage change

Two new in-person workshops at Oakland’s Franklin building teach strategies for addressing, managing and processing organizational change. Get expert advice on how to make change work for you.

New change management workshops

The OP Change Management Community of Practice is committed to helping colleagues learn to navigate workplace changes effectively. Boost your skills with two upcoming workshops.

IABC workshop: Communicating change management

The IABC will be host an evening workshop at Oakland’s Franklin building. UCOP employees are invited to attend at a special discount rate!