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Making Housing Sustainable: Finding a Path to Home Decarbonization

Join the UC Center Sacramento for a talk examining the current barriers to decarbonizing California homes, including the need to transition away from the traditional focus on how much energy is used, to instead

Iain Walker, Ph.D.

The UC Center Sacramento explores home decarbonization

Explore the current barriers to decarbonizing California homes featuring Iain Walker, Ph.D., of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Brie Williams

Explore a public health perspective on prison health conditions

Brie Williams, M.D., director of Amend at UCSF and a leader in health care advocacy for incarcerated people, will share her research and its impacts.

Panel will explore solutions to chronic homelessness in California

Hear from three expert panelists on how California is beginning to address the problem of its chronically unsheltered homeless population.

Explore the “revolving door” between the streets and emergency room for unhoused people

This special event will feature Dr. Aimee Moulin of UC Davis Health in conversation with Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg.

UC Center Sacramento speaker series focused on homelessness starts this week

The UC Center Sacramento has launched a new speaker series: Finding Policy Solutions at the Nexus of Homelessness, Mental Illness, and Incarceration.

Jay Lund, Ph.D.

The UC Center Sacramento explores the future of water in California

Jay Lund, Ph.D., of UC Davis will explain the history of water in California and what we can expect due to future projections.

The UC Center Sacramento focuses on extreme heat

Join the UC Center Sacramento for an investigation into climate-related heat and how Californians can adapt.

CA State Capitol Building

Explore the policy implications of California’s fall elections

The UC Center Sacramento kicks off its fall speaker series on Sept. 28 with context on upcoming elections.

Susan Buchbinder, M.D.

Join the UC Center Sacramento for two COVID-19-related events

Find out about the latest in COVID-19 vaccine technology and the pandemic’s economic impact from leading UC researchers.

The UC Center Sacramento presents a conversation with John A. Pérez

On Dec. 2, Chair of the UC Board of Regents John A. Pérez, California's 68th Assembly Speaker, will discuss his experience and accomplishments in the California Assembly and at UC.