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Start the New Year right – review your benefits information

All faculty and staff should routinely review their earnings statements/paystubs to ensure that all deductions/contributions listed are correct and any Open Enrollment actions are accurately reflected. Online earnings statements are available on the At Your Service website – Sign in to My Accounts.

Keep in mind that most deductions/contributions are taken in advance. This means that the health and welfare insurance deductions/contributions listed on your January 3 check (December earnings) are for January coverage for individuals paid monthly and on the 12/22/2010 for individuals paid biweekly. One exception: Supplemental Disability is paid in arrears, which means that the Supplemental Disability deduction listed on your February 1 check (January earnings) is for January coverage.

Review Your New Medical Plan ID Cards

If you are enrolled in Health Net, Health Net Blue & Gold or Anthem Blue Cross Plus, please verify that both the primary care provider and the medical group listed on your card are correct. If there are any errors, contact your medical plan immediately to have the card corrected.

(All individuals and their family members in Anthem Blue Cross Plus, Anthem Lumenos, Health Net and Health Net Blue & Gold were sent a new ID card. New enrollees in the Anthem PPO, Western Health Advantage and Kaiser plans also received new ID cards.)

Review Your 2010 Flexibile Spending Accounts

If you were enrolled in a flexible spending account – DepCare FSA or Health FSA – for 2010, it is important that you review your account to determine whether you have any remaining funds and/or whether you have been asked to submit receipt verification for any Health FSA spending card transactions. You can check your account by either calling Conexis at 1-800-482-4120 or logging into your account online at

Important dates to keep in mind

  • You have until March 15, 2011 to use any remaining funds in your 2010 accounts.
  • You have until April 15, 2011 to submit all receipts for the 2010 plan year.

More information on the Flexible Spending Accounts can be found here.

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