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Electronic timesheets debut at UCOP Feb. 1

Effective Feb. 1, 2012, UCOP will begin using secure, online timesheets for non-represented employees.

This change will make it easier and more efficient for employees and supervisors to fill out and approve timesheets. The new Time Reporting System (TRS) will allow UCOP to eliminate most paper timesheets and to more seamlessly integrate complex pay policies and business rules into payroll processing.

All non-represented employees will begin using the new system in February. (Employees in collective bargaining units will not use the TRS.) Employees who are paid monthly will begin using the TRS for the February pay period. Employees who are paid biweekly will need to retroactively record their time for the pay period Jan. 22 – Feb. 4, since the system will not be available until Wednesday, Feb. 1.

(Staff who are paid biweekly have already received their January timesheets; all other employees will receive their January timesheets the week of Jan. 30.)

UCLA, which processes UCOP payroll, is working to develop web-based trainings for those who missed the in-class training sessions in January.

For more information on the new timesheets, please contact the UCLA Help Desk at 310-794-8708 or via email at

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