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UC promotes web accessibility to those with disabilities

The World Wide Web has made life easier for many of us: research at your fingertips, online shopping and, with websites like Epicurious, who needs cookbooks? But navigating the Web can be challenging for those with disabilities, from blindness and other vision problems to hearing loss and limited dexterity.

Did you know that the University of California has an Information Technology Accessibility Policy, enacted recently to promote an electronic environment that is accessible to all, including those with disabilities?

In support of the policy, UC’s Electronic Accessibility website offers web and content developers several resources, including online training, best practices, on-call support and other tools to promote web accessibility at all UC locations.

The resources are made available by UC’s Electronic Accessibility Leadership Team (EALT), which includes representatives from all UC campuses and locations. If you are a web or content developer, check out these resources:

Questions or suggestions? Contact EALT chair Lucy Greco at

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