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UCOP issues new security requirements for smartphones, tablets

Chief Information Security Officer David Rusting issued the following announcement about the new security requirements for smartphones and tablets that UCOP is implementing, effective Sunday, Sept. 21:

UCOP Information Technology Services (ITS) is implementing new security requirements to better secure UC data on mobile devices, specifically smartphones and tablets. The new requirements apply to UC-owned mobile devices as well as personally owned mobile devices used for University business. Effective Sept. 21, 2014, mobile devices that access UCOP email must be configured to implement the following security precautions:

  • Screen-lock passcode, with automatic device wiping after 10 invalid attempts
  • Device encryption
  • Remote wipe of the device in the event it is lost/stolen

When the requirements take effect, your mobile device may ask you to accept these security configurations. Otherwise, your device will not be able to access your UCOP email. Note that some personal device models may not be compatible with the security configurations, such as alternative screen-lock methods.

On rare occasions, the process of encryption may cause you to lose data stored on the device. ITS recommends you backup personal data before encrypting. As a reminder, a regular backup is also a good idea in case your device is lost or stolen. Note that encryption requires a separate passcode or key; ITS recommends you use the same passcode/key as your screen-lock.

Information about how to accept the security requirements is available on the IT Service Hub.

ITS also is making changes to UCOP smartphone purchase procedures to clarify responsibility for device management and to align with campus practices. Effective immediately:

  • UCOP provides select standard models only; individuals may not pay the price difference for a premium model.
  • All UC-owned mobile devices must be returned for redeployment when an individual separates from UCOP.

We recognize that the new security procedures may pose some inconvenience; however, we are all responsible for being good stewards of UC assets, including data. Your understanding and cooperation in helping to protect University data and the trust the UC community places in us are sincerely appreciated.

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