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Measure your Body Mass Index (BMI) at work

As part of the OP Wellness Program, Kaiser Permanente has placed machines to measure Body Mass Index (BMI) at two OP locations:  In the fifth floor break room off the patio at the Franklin building, and on the fifth floor of the Kaiser building. You can see what the machines look like in the diagram below.

You do not need to be a Kaiser Permanente member to use the machines, which are supplied with hand sanitizer as well as information sheets to help you interpret your results.

BMI is a measure of weight proportionate to height. Generally, BMI is considered an effective way to evaluate whether a person is overweight or obese, though there are exceptions to the rule. Some muscular people may have a BMI that puts them in the overweight range. However, these people are not considered overweight because muscle tissue weighs more than fat tissue.



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