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Your 2016 Retirement Review is now available on new website

Staff and faculty may view their 2016 Retirement Review statement at, a newly launched tablet- and smartphone- friendly website to bring retirement information to your fingertips.

The statement provides a personalized retirement readiness score, which is the percentage of your current income that you’re on track to receive from your pension and UC Retirement Savings plans, if you retire at age 65. The tool also allows you to add Social Security benefits, other non-UC retirement savings and other income that may be part of your retirement picture. You may also model what happens if you increase your 403(b) or 457 (b) contributions or select a different retirement age.

If you have questions about the Retirement Review, call the UC Retirement Savings Program Service Center at 866-682-7787 for assistance.

Before this year, your Retirement Review appeared on the UC Focus on Your Future website, which has been renamed and revamped to the new In addition to your 2016 Retirement Review, features of the new site include:

  • A mobile-friendly format. The new design responds automatically to the size of your screen. You get a seamless experience from your desktop to your tablet to your phone.
  • All of your plan’s features in one place. Want to learn more about the UC Retirement Plan benefits? Do you understand the different investment options available through the UC Retirement Savings Program? The site has convenient sections on each page so that you can find what you need quickly.
  • A faster path to the actions you take most often. The most popular areas have been moved to a new menu right up front. Now it’s easier to log in to your Retirement Review, view balances, manage your investments, see Retirement Savings Program features, find guidance and classes, and more.
  • Dynamic delivery of news and education. Plan news and financial wellness articles are now easily filtered by category. The navigation works like the most popular websites today, allowing you to scroll down to see more content.

Take a look around the site and see how easy it is for you to track your personal financial progress.

Note: The Retirement Review is only available to employees who are eligible for UC Retirement Plan (UCRP) benefits. Readiness scores could not be generated for Multi and 2013-A tier members, but those members can go online and create scores by entering their information into the modeling tool.

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