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UCOP adopts Greener Office program for office supply deliveries

Greener office delivery bin and bag

In our continuing effort to adopt more sustainable practices, UCOP will be participating in the Greener Office program.

Supply orders from Office Depot/OfficeMax will now arrive in recyclable paper bags that will be packaged inside recyclable plastic totes. The delivery person will transport orders in this packaging, leave the paper bags with you, then take the plastic totes back to refill for the next day’s orders. Items that are too heavy or come pre-boxed (such as copy paper) will continue to be delivered as they are now.

The paper bags are made of 40 percent post-consumer recycled content and the totes are made of 60 percent post-consumer recycled content. Office Depot has been using millions of cardboard boxes and millions of plastic air pillows every year for its packaging of office supplies. Corrugated boxes require a significantly greater amount of wood to produce than do paper bags. This program will substantially reduce use of both wood (for the boxes) and plastic (for the air pillows). By participating in this program, UCOP will help save natural resources and reduce plastic waste.

Other UC locations have already adopted this program and the remaining sites should be adopting it shortly.

If you have questions, please contact Lesley Clark at or 510-987-0472.


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