The UCGO website is a central hub of information and resources for UC staff, faculty, administrators and students who are traveling abroad on UC business or assisting those who are. Whether you’re performing research, attending a conference, teaching or studying abroad, this website can help you:

  • Plan a project: Resources to help you think through where to go, learn about UC programs, plan your budget, understand U.S. and foreign regulations and UC policies that may apply and more.
  • Plan your trip: Important vaccinations, health and travel insurance, information about the cultural etiquette in the country you’re visiting, visa requirements, exchange rates for foreign currency, tips on what to pack and more.
  • Travel safely and with ease on your trip: Guidelines on how to stay safe and healthy, what to do if you are sick or injured, how to stay connected, what adapters to get for your electronic devices and more.
  • Manage your project abroad: Fundamental steps and strategies for successful project management abroad, including setting up operations, collaboration with international partners, and taking care of yourself and your team’s well-being while abroad.
  • Finalize details after returning from your trip: A post-travel checklist, how to get reimbursements for eligible expenses, close out your project and more.
  • Connect to UC offices that can assist with any specific concerns you may have.

The website also includes quick links to campus international offices and a search function to help you find what you’re looking for.

Even if you’re traveling internationally for a personal vacation and not for UC business, you may find the website helpful, especially for resources such as travel alerts, the currency converter and international telephone access codes listed by country.

The UCGO website is a joint effort of UCOP’s Office of Ethics, Compliance, and Audit Services and the Office of Research Policy Analysis and Coordination.

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