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Important restrictions on the use of state funds at UCOP

Effective July 1, 2017, UCOP’s unrestricted campus assessment funding has been replaced with funds directly appropriated from the State of California. Since it has been a number of years since UCOP received state funds, all staff needs to be aware of both existing restrictions on how state funds may be used and new UCOP requirements for preapprovals for certain types of events and other expenses.

Please be aware that adherence to these guidelines is critical and exceptions are very unlikely to be approved.

If you have questions about the funding for your department, please contact your budget coordinator in the UCOP Budget and Finance Department. If you have questions about the policy and restrictions, please contact Brad Niess in the Business Resource Center at

For your reference, we have explained the restrictions in the documents linked below:

State funding restrictions FAQs (pdf)

State funding restrictions memo (pdf)



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