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UCOP’s Marketing Communications team wins multiple national design awards

Digital design work for the Zero Waste campaign.


UCOP’s Marketing Communications team continues to bring home national awards, this time from the University and College Designers Association (UCDA). For 2017, the judges of the annual UCDA Design Competition evaluated 1,269 print and digital entries, and handed out a total of 204 awards: 6 Gold Awards, 11 Silver Awards and 187 Awards of Excellence. UCOP’s Silver Awards listed below were the top prizes in their categories.

“It’s wonderful to see work done by the Marketing Communications team, in collaboration with our colleagues around OP, being recognized by our peers,” said Vanessa Correa, the creative director of Marketing Communications.

Each of UC’s submissions included multiple pieces of design work — either print, digital, video or a combination of media. Take a look at examples of the team’s award-winning design work in each category, along with the names of those who created it. (Click on images to view larger versions.)


UCDA Campaign Strategy Silver Award

Zero Waste campaign (print and digital)
Ethan Davis, Designer
Matt Glass, Art Director
Andy Murdock, Writer
Jason Schupp, Web Developer
Vanessa Correa, Creative Director
Hilary Bekmann, Associate Director of Sustainability


UCDA Recruitment/Other Silver Award

Achieve UC outreach campaign
Jason Huang, Designer
Matt Glass, Art Director
Carolyn McMillan, Writer
Katherine Edwards, Writer / Marketing Director
Vanessa Correa, Creative Director





UCDA Video Excellence Award

Climate Lab video series
Larissa Branin, Executive Producer / Director
Zak Long, Director / Animator
Jess Wheelock, Director / Animator
Nicolette Bethea, Producer
Maya Pisciotto, Cinematographer
Fabián Aguirre, Cinematographer
Vanessa Correa, Creative Director
Katherine Edwards, Marketing Director

All of the Climate Lab videos can be viewed here:



UCDA Campaign Strategy Excellence Award

Grow Together campaign
Ethan Davis, Designer
Vanessa Correa, Writer / Creative Director
Meredith Turner, Writer / Associate Director of Institutional Relations and Advocacy
Katherine Edwards, Writer / Marketing Director



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  1. Lena Zentall August 8, 2017 Reply

    Congratulations to our incredibly talented UCOP Marketing Communications Team!!

  2. Jennifer Mushinskie August 8, 2017 Reply

    How exciting and well deserved! Congrats UCOP Communications & Marketing team.

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