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New shred bin service at Franklin building

Did you know that our Franklin building mail room staff makes over 35 stops on shred bin pick-up days?

To increase staff efficiency and make document disposal more secure, beginning Tuesday, Sept. 5, each floor in the Franklin building will have two centralized shred bins. These new bins will be picked up and emptied monthly by The Shredding Company.

Please use the new bins for every day shredding and small projects. If a bin becomes full before the monthly pick-up, or if you have a large shredding project that requires an additional bin, please submit an iRequest to the Work Management Center for assistance.

Locations of the new shred bins:

5th floor – Printer room #5128 and outside of room #5401.

6th floor – Printer rooms #6129 and #6412.

7th floor – Printer rooms #7318 and #7124.

8th floor – Outside of freight elevator, in printer room #8328 and outside of #8203.

9th floor – Printer rooms #9303 and #9134.

10th floor – Printer rooms #10132 and #10315.

11th floor – Printer rooms #11136 and #11327.

12th floor – Outside of freight elevator and in printer room #12117.

Questions? Contact, or Mail Services.

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  1. Jackie Porter September 5, 2017 Reply

    Are there any shredding bins at 1111 Broadway?

  2. Loreaner Lopez September 6, 2017 Reply

    Hi Jackie,

    Yes, there are shredding bins located in 1111 Broadway.

    The location are:

    • 2 bins in suite #2100 on the 21st floor in rooms #21103 & #21119
    • 1 bin in suite #2130 on the 21st floor
    • 1 bin in suite #1400 on the 14th floor

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