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The Systemwide WellBeing Initiative: Making UC a healthier place to work, learn and grow

The Systemwide WellBeing Initiative for faculty and staff, spearheaded by Vice President of Systemwide Human Resources Dwaine B. Duckett, sponsors events and resources aimed at improving the wellbeing of the UC community. UCnet now features easy access to information about those events and resources, and about the goals of the Systemwide WellBeing Initiative.

“We want UC to be among the healthiest places to work, learn and grow,” said Duckett. “We will leverage the power and reach of our benefits programs and vendors to enable faculty and staff to take advantage of all we offer. An approach that takes into account all aspects of wellbeing, including financial and emotional, is key.”

To track progress toward the initiative’s goals, UC has established key metrics for four pillars of wellbeing:

  • Emotional — With continued advances in mental health care, people living with mental health conditions have more effective treatment options than ever. UC is highlighting behavioral health benefits and the importance of seeking help when needed, working toward the goal of increased first time visits to a behavioral health provider.
  • Financial — Money can be a significant source of stress, so establishing financial security can be a powerful step toward wellbeing. UC is working to increase the number of employees who take steps toward financial health by attending a free onsite class or scheduling a one-on-one consultation with a financial expert.
  • Nutritional — A nutritious diet is key to preventing or managing many serious health conditions, particularly Type II diabetes. UC is striving to increase utilization of disease prevention and care management resources, so employees can lower their risk of diabetes and improve their overall health.
  • Physical — Regular wellness checkups with your health care provider can help detect problems before they start or diagnose issues early, when chances for treatment and cure are better. UC supports employees’ commitment to take charge of their health by encouraging them to stay current on well-care visits, screenings and immunizations.

Check out UCnet to learn more about the Systemwide WellBeing Initiative, including:

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