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UCOP will soon have less on-site storage for paper records. What you can do now to prepare

UCOP departments and staff will soon have substantially less storage for paper records, and the planning for that change has begun.

As previously reported in Link, UCOP has signed a lease for the new 1100 Broadway building that is currently under construction. The high rise will be move-in ready in early 2020 and some UCOP departments will relocate into this new building. UCOP’s 1111 Franklin headquarters and the new building will serve as a single consolidated campus — connected at the lobby and the fifth floor patio — to facilitate closer staff collaboration and reduce costs.

1100 Broadway is being designed to have no paper records storage, other than in cubicles and offices. 1111 Franklin will be remodeled and will also have limited paper records storage space outside of offices and cubicles.

To help prepare for this reduction in records storage, the Records Management team has been meeting with departments to discuss departmental needs. Starting around November, a consultant will help departments identify records that can be:

  1. Destroyed because the retention periods have lapsed;
  2. Boxed up, inventoried and sent to our off-site storage vendor until the retention periods have lapsed; and
  3. Scanned to be uploaded into an electronic repository to be used for day-to-day business

Once Records Management has received the above information from the consultants, they will:

  1. Work with the departments to destroy the records eligible for destruction;
  2. Make arrangements for the records to be boxed up and inventoried and then sent off-site; or
  3. Make arrangements for the records to be scanned for the departments.

The consultant will work with departments to identify ways to help them retrieve and manage any electronic records that are in an electronic repository.

Records Management will host an open house to launch the project and answer questions. Stay tuned to Link for the date and time.

Here’s what you can do to get ready for the consultants and the move:

  • Begin by identifying your records. Create a spreadsheet with columns for the title of the records, the dates of the files, who is the official record holder and the retention period. Leave another column for comments such as what you think you need to do with the records, and whether the records are confidential or contain personally identifiable information (PII).
  • If you have records with lapsed retention periods and are free of records holds such as audits, investigations, lawsuits or public records act requests, start to get rid of these records. If the records have sensitive or restricted information in them such as PII, be sure to put them in the shred bins that are located on your floor. If the bin is full or missing, contact Mail Services for assistance.
  • Look at what you have electronically, too (and note these on your spreadsheet as well). Identify what you have and how it is currently retained (in a shared drive, SharePoint, Box, etc.). Don’t forget that email messages can be records too.
  • Visit Records Management at the IT Tech Fair on Friday, Sept. 7 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Franklin Lobby 1, or contact them at or 7-0399 to ask them questions to get you ready for this project.

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