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Curb Zoom exhaustion by shortening meetings

Employees across the country are reporting that they are taking fewer breaks, spending more time in their chairs and in front of their screens, and experiencing an increase in competing work and family demands. As a result, many people are feeling Zoom exhaustion, which decreases both overall wellness and productivity.

As we continue our shelter-in-place practices, we are increasing programs and activities at UCOP to support employee wellness. Please follow these guidelines from EVP/COO Rachael Nava to support your colleagues’ well-being and decrease Zoom exhaustion.

  • Reduce 1-hour meetings to 50 minutes
  • Reduce 45-minute meetings to 40 minutes
  • Reduce 30-minute meetings to 25 minutes
  • If possible, please allow colleagues to have an uninterrupted one-hour lunch break by leaving 12 to 1 p.m. free. Many employees have family or other commitments (such as children who need to be fed, help with school work, picking up groceries, etc.) and need time during the day to complete these tasks.

Thank you for helping your colleagues stay healthy and productive! For questions, contact

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