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May 28 update from Rachael Nava: UCOP’s Return to Normal Operations (R2NO)

The following message was sent by EVP/COO Rachael Nava on May 28, 2020:

Dear UCOP colleagues:

With state and county shelter-in-place orders set to expire soon in the counties where we operate, we are working hard to keep you as informed as possible about UCOP’s Return to Normal Operations (R2NO).

In the coming days, we expect that counties will extend and modify public health orders in order to slowly open sectors of the economy, including office workplaces. In anticipation of reopening, the May 26 UCOP Link article on UCOP’s Return to Normal Operations announced a four-step phased plan aligned with public health and CDC guidance.  Our offices are currently in UCOP Level 1 – Minimum Occupancy, Essential staff only.

Our next step will be to move to UCOP Level 2 – Priority Facilities Occupancy – during which we will bring only select staff whose work is more difficult to achieve efficiently from home and those who elect by request to work onsite and gain approval to do so.

The UCOP R2NO team will be working with division and department leaders to identify which teams and individuals should have priority or elective access to UCOP locations. Staff will be provided advance notice prior to their return to onsite work date, except staff who, due the essential nature of their work, may need to return more quickly.

For the immediate time being, most staff will continue to work from home. All staff who are in the CDC grouping “People who need to take extra precautions” will continue to work from home and staff with extenuating circumstances not covered in the CDC grouping should speak with their supervisors.

Even as some staff return to UCOP office locations, physical distancing requirements and other COVID-19 protocols remain in place, which means the total number of staff UCOP can accommodate onsite is limited to approximately 20 to 30% of full occupancy.  In addition, to ensure the Oakland office moves can occur efficiently, the schedule of office construction may also be a factor in determining when departments will return to the office.

We will continue to keep you informed as circumstances change. Please stay tuned to work email, UCOP’s Link Newsletter, and the website for updates.

As always, please continue to take care of yourself and stay safe.


Rachael Nava
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer



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