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Managers: New workshops for practice giving feedback

One of the top requests of employees and managers in creating the STEP performance appraisal process was to provide frequent feedback and coaching. Our current stage of STEP, checkpoints, was designed to provide this opportunity.

Providing thoughtful, relevant feedback is endlessly valuable for both employees and managers. But if you’re not accustomed to giving it, doing so can be intimidating. There is an art to providing employees the right messages that lead to growth. As author and executive coach Michelle Tillis Lederman writes, “We focus on the past to make a plan for the future. That’s feedback.”

Coaching Labs: Feedback Practice for Managers

UCOP Learning and Development is introducing new Coaching Labs — interactive sessions for managers and supervisors to practice strategies for giving feedback with a coaching lens. During these sessions, participants will practice giving impactful feedback. By participating in role-play sessions, participants will learn new ways to lead conversations that promote engagement and growth. Come with a real-life example to practice with your peers.

Several Coaching Labs sessions will be offered. Register through the UC Learning Center.

Note: All required STEP checkpoint courses must be taken prior to this class. Learn more about required courses.


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