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The STEP checkpoint stage begins today

In September, UCOP HR introduced our new performance appraisal process, Staff Talent Evaluation Process AKA STEP. The next stage in STEP begins today with the completion of the first checkpoint, due Friday, Feb. 26.

The purpose of the checkpoint is for managers and employees to engage in a two-way dialog to discuss the status of goals and competencies, give and receive feedback, address concerns, determine support needed and outline next steps.

For the FY20/21 performance cycle, there will only be one required checkpoint before the final checkpoint process, which starts in April 2021, with final evaluation discussions and sign-offs due June 2021.

By now, all employees should have completed the Define Criteria stage in which they set goals and selected competencies. Managers should have approved the Define Criteria stage in ePerformance this past December, which automatically advances their employees’ STEP form to the first checkpoint. If a manager has not approved the Define Criteria stage for an employee(s), that employee(s) will not be able to complete the checkpoint stage of the process.

Prepare for a successful checkpoint

To get ready for the meeting, each employee will need to:

  1. Complete the required training as outlined below
  2. Update their goals and competencies, as appropriate in ePerformance
  3. Answer the four discussion questions embedded in STEP

Required self-paced training

All employees must complete the following self-paced online courses, which will be available through the UC Learning Center beginning Jan. 19:

Optional live training

Please note that employees are required to complete all required self-paced courses before attending the following optional support sessions.

  • Instructor-led training for managers and employees: Live sessions will expand on the materials presented in the required online courses. Participants will go deeper into preparing, giving and receiving feedback, and engaging in a two-way dialog. Multiple dates are available for employee classes and manager classes.
  • Coaching Lab for managers: This interactive session for managers and supervisors provides an opportunity to practice strategies for giving feedback with a coaching lens. Come with a real-life example to practice with your peers.
  • Drop-in office hours: STEP office hours will take place every Friday in February from 9-10:30 a.m. (PT). No registration is required. Join via this Zoom link.


  • Complete the required and optional training early so you have time to prepare for your checkpoint meeting. Do not wait until the last minute. The checkpoint must be completed by Feb. 26, which means the checkpoint meeting needs to be conducted and approved in ePerformance by that date.
  • Take advantage of the STEP drop-in office hours if you have questions.
  • Ensure checkpoint conversations are scheduled far enough in advance so there is plenty of time to prepare for the meeting.

There will be plenty of communication reminders via Link and on the website to support you throughout the STEP checkpoint process.

Key dates

Date Activity Description
Jan. 19 Required on-demand training available in the UC Learning Center Employees and managers participate in self-paced, on-demand video trainings – two for employees; four for managers – ranging from 5 to 20 minutes each.
Jan. 27 – Feb. 26 Optional live virtual training Managers and employees may attend an optional 90-minute live interactive training session to deepen their understanding of how to prepare for and engage in the checkpoint by giving and receiving feedback in a two-way dialog
Every Friday in February Drop-in office hours STEP office hours will be held from 9:00-10:30 every Friday via Zoom. No registration required.
February Link articles Multiple Link articles for all employees covering:

  • Preparing for the checkpoint conversation
  • Engaging in the checkpoint conversation
  • Reminders and “how-to” information

Additional information is available on the STEP website. For questions regarding your goals and appraisal process, please contact your manager or UCOP Human Resources business partner.

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