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Ergonomics and healthy working

If you’ve been working from home since last March, chances are that you have your home workstation routine down. But have you considered your ergonomics?

Discomfort associated with static laptop use, excessive use of computer screens and bad posture can be easily remedied with the right equipment and small adjustments to how you are positioned while working. Resources and tools from UCOP can help.

The Healthy Working @ Home self-assessment course provides ergonomics best practices via a virtual risk assessment to ensure that your workstation is set up properly. It is available in the UC Learning Center. After completing the course, you will be contacted for additional ergonomics support if your ergonomic risk is medium or high. While this course delivers practical advice, it is important to communicate with your supervisor if you need additional support.

UCOP allows you to use equipment from the office — such as a task chair, keyboard, mouse or footrest — to improve your at-home ergonomics.

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