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LinkedIn Learning challenge: Maximize your energy

Our ability to be productive and perform at work is not based on the time we spend on each task, but the energy we bring to the time we have. Energy management is crucial to professional success and, when you learn to masterfully manage your energy, you’ll be better suited to accomplish your best work!

This month, we invite you to participate in LinkedIn Learning’s managing your energy challenge, kicking off June 7.

Take the challenge!

  • Print or save the June challenge calendar (PDF)
  • Watch each day’s short learning video (~5 mins or less)
  • Initial each day’s box, or make a note of what you watched
  • Share your biggest takeaway from the month with the UCOP Learning and Development team by emailing by Friday, July 8.

Don’t have time to participate every day? That’s OK. The purpose of this challenge is to highlight new learning opportunities available through your free UCOP LinkedIn Learning membership.

For help accessing and using your account, visit our LinkedIn Learning FAQs or contact 

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