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Make your voice heard this November

The 2022 midterm elections are shaping up to center on big issues — from abortion and jobs to housing and climate change — that are top of mind for many voters in the UC community. Races include members of the Senate and House of Representatives, governor, California secretary of state and many other powerful roles that will help shape policies for years to come.

It’s not just national and statewide issues that are at stake. You’ll also have a chance to weigh in on important issues in your own community, from noise ordinances to plans for local housing and parking.

It takes just five minutes to register or double-check that your registration is current so you’re ready to cast a ballot. That one action can shape the future of the country and the world we live in.

Register online here by Oct. 24

Don’t wait until the last minute. The last day to register online is Oct. 24. It’s a busy time of year, so register now, ahead of the deadline. By registering early, you’ll have:

  • Time to receive important election info by mail, including the state’s voter guide on the candidates and issues
  • Time to receive an optional vote-by-mail ballot, which you can choose to use if that’s more convenient than going to the polls in person
  • Peace of mind, and one thing crossed off your to-do list

4 more tips for voters

  1. If you miss the October 24 deadline, California has an “in case of emergency, break glass” option. You can opt for same-day registration at eligible polling places and cast your vote by provisional ballot on Election Day — Tuesday, Nov. 8.
  2. If you live outside of California, your state may have a different registration deadline. Learn about voting outside California.
  3. If you’re not sure whether or where you’re registered, check your registration status here. If you’ve moved since the last election, you may need to change your registration.
  4. Updating your voter registration is easy. Simply re-register with your current address so your mail-in ballot gets to you and your polling place reflects where you live.

Need more information on voter registration or how to vote? Visit the UC Votes website.

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