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Attention SharePoint users: Your sites are moving to the cloud

As part of the ongoing initiative to enhance security and streamline user experience, ITS is planning to move all SharePoint sites to SharePoint Online, a cloud-based platform. The UCOP SharePoint team, along with appointed site administrators, have been working with our third-party vendor to ensure the success of this transition.

Migration schedule

The migration will occur in three phases in August and September. Please refer to SharePoint site collections to determine the group your SharePoint sites have been assigned to and the corresponding phase in which they will move to production, as indicated below:

Phase Moves to Production Hypercare Starts Hypercare Ends
Group 1 8/13/23 8/14/23 8/25/23
Group 2 9/03/23 9/05/23 9/18/23
Group 3 9/24/23 9/25/23 10/06/23

Once the migration is complete, the existing SharePoint sites will be redirected to the new SharePoint Online sites. (For example, will be redirected to This redirection will remain in place until December 2025.

What does this mean for you?

  • Your login will change.
    •  UCOP users will log in using their short email (for example,
    •  Users at other UC locations will log in using their “”
  • You will have until December 2025 to update favorites, bookmarks and documents with the new URLs. For your reference, see this list of the old (existing) and new site collection URLs.
  • If you continue to use the old URLs after December 2025, you will receive a message indicating that the URL is invalid and directing you to use the new URL.
  • There may be a change to the look and feel of your site. For details, please refer to the FAQ.

How you can help

While the SharePoint team is working with a third-party vendor to facilitate the migration, there may be areas where your support is needed when moving to production. This might involve validating areas that were not captured during user acceptance testing. We will closely collaborate with you during this transition to address any issues that arise.

Office hours are available

We will also hold office hours after your site collection is moved to production. If you wish to participate, please add this meeting invite to your calendar. Office hours are optional for end users who may have questions regarding the move to SharePoint Online.


  • If you’re not sure of the type of documents you can store in SharePoint, refer to the Protection Level Classification. Please note that P3 and P4 information should not be stored in SharePoint. These documents should be stored securely in Box.
  • Refer to the FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions regarding the move to SharePoint Online.
  • If you have further questions or concerns, please contact the SharePoint team.

Do you know of SharePoint users at campus locations? Please forward this information to them.


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