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Doctor holding his hands over his heart

Practice gratitude to connect with your work

UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center shares how thankfulness can lead to more emotionally rewarding workplace experiences. 

Colleagues chatting on the stairs

7 ways to improve your relationships with coworkers

Small moments of listening, sharing, and being present can make us feel more connected at work.

Colleagues giving each other a high-five

Reduce office stress by expressing gratitude

Expressing gratitude nurtures our relationships, helping us feel closer to friends, romantic partners, and, as it turns out, our colleagues as well.

student sitting in a tree

Four ways nature can protect your well-being during a pandemic

Green spaces are good for mental well-being, whether you’re walking outdoors, looking at beautiful views or even watching nature videos.

Man working at desk

10 ways to make your time matter

Rather than succumbing to the mentality of “better, faster, more,” we can embrace being imperfect, and be happier for it.

Stressed mom home-schooling kids

6 ways to deal with parental burnout

A year and a half into the pandemic, exhausted parents need healing. The UC Berkeley Greater Good Science Center explains how parents can move beyond burnout.

Person holding up hands with the words

Seven ways to fight bias in your everyday life

UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center shares how to foster diversity and inclusion — and build a better world — by putting your beliefs into practice.

Women having a conversation

Watch now: 6 ways to be a better listener

UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center shares the do’s and don’ts of good active listening.

How noticing emotions at work can build trust

According to UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, recognizing your coworkers' feelings is a way to show that you care.

Woman receiving vaccine

Five ways to respond to people who don’t want the COVID-19 vaccine

The Greater Good Science Center shares research-based guidelines to help people overcome their vaccine hesitancy.

Woman reading with cat

How to structure your day to feel less stressed

If you don’t control your schedule, your schedule will control you. UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center shares what you can do about it.