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Truck driving down rural road just ahead of wildfire smoke

Emergency resources through your UC benefits

Wildfire season is upon us once again — a good reminder that UC’s benefits plans provide many resources during natural disasters and other emergencies.

Chaparral wildfire

More evidence that California weather is trending toward extremes

Patterns associated with wildfires are increasing in frequency, while those linked to “normal” rainfall are decreasing.

How ‘good fire’ can help protect California’s forests

For millennia, Indigenous people in California used fire to cultivate landscapes and promote healthy growth. Today, the wisdom of that approach is seen as one of the keys to unraveling the deadly cycle of California wildfires.

A UC Berkeley effort brings air purifiers to Bay Area residents in need

To date, the Common Humanity Collective has assembled 1,200 air purifiers and given them out to those most at risk from wildfire smoke. 

Michael Mendez, Ph.D.

Michael Mendez, Ph.D., to speak on wildfires’ impact on undocumented Latinos and Indigenous migrants

Join LaSA for the next event in its popular Charlas de Café speaker series on Tuesday, Oct. 12.

Fiery sky

Wednesday: Attend the UC Wildfire Symposium

Learn about the devastating societal and economic impacts of wildfires on at-risk communities and the state of California.

Woman standing in smoky air from wildfire

How much wildfire smoke is infiltrating our homes?

While many of us are reducing our exposure to wildfire smoke by staying inside, keeping windows closed and running air filtration systems on smoky days, data remains limited on how well these efforts are paying off.


Attend the third UC Wildfire Symposium

On Sept. 22, join UC Research and Innovation for a fascinating symposium focused on how wildfires impact society.


This Wednesday: Attend the UC Wildfire Symposium

On July 28, a range of expert panelists from throughout UC will convene to explore threats to California communities at risk for wildfires. Join us!


July 28: Join UC researchers in exploring the impact of wildfire

Prominent research scientists from throughout UC will share how wildfires can impact smoke, air quality, drought and other factors that affect Californians’ quality of life.

Wildfires burn six UC Natural Reserves; seventh threatened

UC has not been spared by California’s latest wildfires. Here’s the latest on how the university’s Natural Reserves have been affected.