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Don’t forget to complete your self-evaluation by Friday, April 13

The 2017-2018 Annual Performance Evaluation Process is open. Please be sure to complete your self-evaluations in Halogen no later than Friday, April 13. Managers have until May 4 to complete their employee’s appraisals 

This Performance Evaluation process covers performance between April 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018, and includes all policy covered employees and SMG 2s.

The annual performance evaluation process provides the opportunity to reflect and receive feedback on accomplishments and areas needing improvement, and set goals for the coming year. This process is an essential part of the work experience and gives all of us a role in our job satisfaction and career development.

Ideally, employees and their managers/supervisors discuss performance and career development throughout the year, and the evaluation process simply captures employees’ progress. The ultimate goal is that, at the end of the process, each employee will know where she or he stands and will receive guidance toward future success.

As a reminder, below are the key steps and dates for this year’s cycle. UCOP Human Resources has created e-courses for each step of the process. E-courses are posted on the Performance Management page’s learning section.


Timeline for the 2017-18 UCOP Annual Performance Evaluation Process

By April 13: Employees complete self-evaluations in Halogen. For departments using multi-rater feedback, the feedback forms can be launched as soon as the employee self-appraisal is completed.

By May 4: Managers complete written performance reviews in Halogen.

May 7-11: 1st level review. Managers review individual/team ratings with next-level manager(s).

May 14-18: 2nd level review. Division leaders review division-wide ratings; UCOP HR, Operations review division ratings.

May 21-25: 3rd level review. Chief Operating Officer and President’s office reviews division ratings and UCOP distribution.

May 28-29: Halogen closes for merit process data collection.

May 30-June 22: Halogen reopens. Managers deliver evaluations to employees. Managers and employees complete final sign-off on performance evaluations; all ratings complete in Halogen.

June 29: All final sign offs by Employees and Managers completed – Halogen closes to complete the FY 17/18 Performance Evaluation Process.

If you have questions, please contact your HR Business Partner, and watch for more information about the performance evaluation process in future issues of Link.

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