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Louder construction-related noise expected Wednesday at 1100 Broadway

As work at 1100 Broadway continues, crews are planning to test the first two piers at the construction site on Wednesday, April 11 and the noise is expected to be louder than usual.

If you have a meeting in an office or conference room along the Broadway side of the building, you may want to consider rescheduling or relocating it to a different room. If your work space is on the Broadway side of the building and you find the noise disturbing, you can pick up a pair of noise-canceling headphones from the Work Management Center (Franklin 7206). Headphones can be reserved on a daily basis.

In addition, unassigned work spaces on the Franklin side of the building are available to staff who are affected, and you can reserve one on a daily or hourly basis through the Work Management Center (Franklin 7206).

Want to stay updated on what’s happening with the 1100 Broadway project? Here are a few ways.


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